Green Smoothies!

WHAT ARE GREEN SMOOTHIES? More often than not, my smoothie ends up green because I’ll add spinach or spirulina or matcha. Quite simply, anything green added to your smoothie makes it a green smoothie. You can’t actually taste any rawness or grassiness that you might expect, so I’d recommend that everyone try a green smoothie … Continue reading Green Smoothies!

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

When I had short hair as a kid (and I’m talking boy-hair here!) I’d always envy anyone with hair longer than mine. It made me do everything I could later in life to grow my hair; magic pills, topical creams, oil treatments, questionable herbal remedies… I’ve tried it all! As a youngster I had fairly thick, strong hair but as I got older I lost a lot of my hair because of stress and crazy hormone changes. Exam time? Hair falls out. Boyfriend issues? Oh look there’s more hair on the floor. Period time? Let’s make a carpet of mutinous hair. Crying about hair falling out? Let’s jump off her head EVEN MORE!

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Put a Spring in Your Step! Smoothie Recipes I Love…


Besides the convenience of throwing everything into a blender and having breakfast or a snack ready in 30 seconds flat, smoothies are also incredibly healthy because you’re not cooking anything or soaking anything (and losing out on nutrients) and you still get all the fibre in the fruit and veggies you’re using (unlike juicing).

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